Declared Goods

September 19th, 2012

Goods of special importance


Goods of Special Importance Some goods like cereals, coal and coke, cotton, crude oil, sugar, textiles, jute, iron and steel, tobacco products, oil seeds, pulses, LPG have been declared as goods of special importance. These are termed as ‘declared goods’.
Restrictions on State Government on imposing Vat (sales tax) on declared goods State Government cannot levy sales tax on these goods exceeding 4%. If declared goods are sold inter-State, tax paid within the State is reimbursed to seller. Goods should be sold inter-state in same form.
List of Important declared goods (section 14 of CST Act]  

n    Cereals i.e. paddy, rice, wheat, bajra, jowar, barley, maize etc.

n    Coal and coke in all forms excluding charcoal

n    Cotton in un-manufactured form but not cotton waste

n    Cotton fabrics, cotton yarn

n    Crude oil

n    Hides and skins

n    Iron and Steel i.e. pig iron, sponge iron,  iron scrap, steel ingots, billets, steel bars, steel structurals, sheets, plates, discs, rings, tool steel, tubes, tin plates, steel wheels, wire rods; defectives of above etc.

n    Jute

n    Oil-seeds i.e. groundnut, til, cotton seed, linseed, castor, coconut, sunflower, mahua, kokum, sal etc.

n    Pulses i.e. gram, tur, moong, masur, urad etc.

n    Man-made fabrics – fabrics of man-made filament yarn i.e. artificial textile materials, polyester filament yarn, staple fibres, polyester staple fibre, tyre cord fabric, impregnated textile fabrics etc.

n    Sugar and Khandsari Sugar

n    Woven fabrics of wool

n    Aviation Turbine Fuel sold to an aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of less than 40,000 kilograms operated by scheduled airlines i.e. airlines permitted by Central Government to operate any scheduled air transport service (entry as substituted w.e.f. 11-5-2007 by Finance Act, 2007. Earlier, the entry read as follows – Aviation Turbine Fuel sold to a turbo-prop aircraft)

n    LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)  for domestic use (inserted w.e.f. 18-4-2006 to maintain tax rates at reasonable level).

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