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General Tips

January 28th, 2017

(A) Before the examination – (a) Understand the subject thoroughly. (b) Do not memorise answers without understanding. (c) After getting general idea of a subject, select at least 100 important questions and prepare them thoroughly. (d) Improve English, as poor English creates bad impression on the examiner. Avoid long and unwieldy sentences. (e) Practice to solve examples. Mere reading examples does not help. (f) Slow and steady wins the race – regular study is much better than last month’s rush. (g) Solve as many old question papers as you can. (h) Make your base of mathematics strong – if it is weak. You should be fully comfortable at least upto 10th Matric mathematics. (i) Memorise a few important section numbers and case law and quote at appropriate places.

Quoting section numbers and important case law certainly makes better impression on examiner. Though it is not practicable to remember all sections and case law, some important section numbers/case law should be remembered. With this idea in mind, this Chapter covers core aspects of various Acts, important case law and section numbers for last minute brush up. Of course this will be useful only if a student has already studied and understood the subject.

(B) Attractive Paper Presentation – Answer paper should be made attractive and impressive by (a) Writing point-wise and precise answers (b) highlighting major points by different colour pen (c) drawing graphs and charts (d) making tabular statements wherever required (e) writing question number and sub-number and head-line of the question asked, which will facilitate the examiner in quickly assessing your paper.

Presentaion of case law – Answer to question on case law should be in following sequence – (a) Brief Facts of the Case (b) Statutory Provisions (c) Relevant Case Law (d) Reasons for your vfiew and (e) Conclusion.

(C) At the examination – (a) First solve examples which you know best. (b) Allocate time for answering each question and stop writing after time allotted by you to that question is over. Keep margin for checking. (c) Keep cool and do not panic.

(D) After the examination – (a) Do not discuss your answers with anyone immediately after the examination as it will upset your mood for next paper. However, after the whole examination is over, review your answers. (b) Remember that whatever be the type of questions and toughness or leniency of examiner, those who are extraordinarily brilliant are certain to pass while those who are with very low IQ are bound to fail. However, most of us (about 94%) are in between these two extremes. Hence success depends upon various factors including hard work and some amount of luck.

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